2014 Miss CSHA

Miss CSHA 2014

Suzan Cunningham

2013 Royalty
2012 Royalty

2014 Study Guide:

  • Equine Science, by Jean T. Griffiths
  • (click below to purchase handbook)

Speech Topic:
Horses in Literature

Horsemen Handbook and
West Coast Horse Show Rule Book
(refer to Rule Books section on "CSHA Forms")

Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette 
50th Anniversary Edition

"Study Guide and helpful tips booklet"

 Miss CSHA & Ambassador
Riding Test

Junior Miss & Ambassador
Riding Test

Little Miss & Ambassador
Riding Test

2014 Region Chairs
2 Raina Wright 530-282-0798 rwgoatgirl@gmail.com
3 Valerie Vagg 530-476-2800 valvagg@yahoo.com
4 Shelli Margarite 209-918-1381 s_Margarite@yahoo.com
5 Erin Newlin 925-935-6844 TN730@aol.com
18 Megan Renihan 530-347-9987 tmrenihan@yahoo.com

2014 State Royalty

2014 Miss CSHA McKensey Middleton

Miss CSHA 2014

MecKensey Middleton

2014 Jr. Miss Bailey Newlin

Jr Miss CSHA 2014

Bailey Newlin

2014 Little Miss Sarenna Ben-Zeev
Little Miss CSHA 2014
Sarenna Ben-Zeev

2014 Ambassador Philip McCabe

CSHA Ambassador 2014

Philip McCabe

Every year CSHA offers a wonderful opportunity for girls and boys from throughout California to compete for the title of:
Little Miss CSHA (girls 6 to 10)
Junior Miss CSHA (girls 11 to 13)
Miss CSHA (girls 14 to 17)
Little CSHA Ambassador (boys 6 to 10)
Junior CSHA Ambassador (boys 11 to 13)
CSHA Ambassador (boys 14 to 17)

Most CSHA Regions offer the Royalty Program, and the winners at the Regional level qualify to compete for their respective state title.

Miss CSHAs and CSHA Ambassadors and their courts are crowned at the state competition and their reign begins at that time. Miss CSHAs and CSHA Ambassadors are invited to attend the Annual Horse Show (s), Show of Champions, Day at the Races, Night at the Cow Palace, Championship Parade and the Annual Convention. Also Royalty may be invited to other appropriate functions through the Royalty Chairperson and/or Royalty Events Coordinator.
Miss CSHAs receives a tiara, buckle and sash as well as some perpetual awards, which may consist of a hat crown, sash pin/concho and trophy. The First and Second Princesses each receive a tiara and sash. CSHA Ambassadors receive a engraved hatband and a trophy jacket.
In addition to these awards, Junior and Senior Miss CSHAs and Ambassadors each receive a scholarship at the state level (there are no scholarships at the present time for the Little program).
The Little Miss CSHA and Little CSHA Ambassador program is designed to introduce younger children to CSHA and to our Royalty Program. There are four compulsory phases of competition, which are each geared to the younger age group. Riding (walk/jog pattern), written test (test readers are allowed), speech (1 to 2 minutes) and interview.